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Equestrian Organizations

ETI Corral 54
The National Chapter of Equestrian Trials, Inc. (E.T.I.) was established as a nonprofit corporation in 1944 with the Charter to be "Dedicated to the Acquisition and Preservation of Trails, Good Horsemanship, and Equine Legislation." This site has been established to provide easy access to the "goings on" for ETI Corral 54.

Valley Horse Owners Association
The members are your neighbors and fellow equestrians. We share common interests such as the agricultural zoning in our communities, preserving our semi-rural lifestyles and using our land for horse keeping.

Community Organizations

Chatsworth Historical Society
The CHS was formed in 1963 and upholds a three point mission in addition to the commemoration of historical dates and events: (1) to preserve and mark historic sites and landmarks of the Chatsworth area. (2) to be an agency for the collection of photographs, artifacts, and archaeological items that represent the history of Chatsworth. (3) to establish a museum to house and exhibit the collection.

Chatsworth / Porter Ranch Chamber of Commerce
The Chatsworth/Porter Ranch Chamber of Commerce has been proudly serving the community since 1914. As a Chamber, they have always taken the forefront in business advocacy, as well as the betterment of the community-at-large. Their leadership is recognized throughout the San Fernando Valley as being proactive, and even vanguards, in the political social and public service arenas. As Chatsworth/Porter Ranch Chamber members, business owners recognize their own sense of leadership and empowerment. Through the programs offered by the Chamber and the increased visibility that members receive, businesses grow stronger, connect more with their customers, clients and patients, and create a bond with their community.

Chatsworth Neighborhood Council

Several years ago, Los Angeles City Charter reform led to the development of a Citywide Plan for Neighborhood Councils. Under the plan, neighborhoods can, after meeting certain requirements and being certified by the City, increase their influence with City lawmakers and departments for the purpose of improving their respective communities by creating a Neighborhood Council. Stakeholders in that council will elect a board of directors. The board will hold regular meetings, manage funding provided to the CNC, facilitate communication between the community and City lawmakers, commissions and departments, and take positions, where appropriate, on actions being considered by City decision makers. On April 29th, 2003 the CNC was certified as an Official Neighborhood Council.

Santa Susana Mountain Park Association
The Santa Susana Mountain Park Association (SSMPA) consists of a dedicated group of volunteers with a deep passion and commitment to preserve the fast-disappearing natural open space of the Simi Hills and the Santa Susana Mountains. They define open space as undisturbed areas maintained in their natural state that include native plants, rock formations and animals. Open space, by this definition, may be used for passive recreation and educational purposes such as tours with school children led by trained naturalists, bird watching, botany and other field studies. Passive recreation may include hiking, biking and equestrian trail use.