Chatsworth Trails Park


Save Chatsworth began restoration and clean-up of Chatsworth Trails Park, just north of the 118 freeway off Canoga Avenue, in 2005, receiving beautification grants from the City of Los Angeles for three years in a row.  Over the past six years, we have:

  1. Filled 5 20-foot green waste roll-off bins.

  2. Cleaned out abandoned homeless campsites.

  3. Cleared non-native weeds and brush.

  4. Removed graffiti from rocks.

  5. Removed a large and very active bee’s nest.

  6. Repaired portions of the trail, removed concrete dumping.

  7. Arranged for guest speakers for the students, experts in the plant and animal life found in the park.

  8. Purchased a water tank and trailer, and utilized work crews to plant new trees.

  9. Planted oak trees, native shrubs and wildflowers.

  10. Installed additional fencing and a brand new sign for the park.

  11. Installed two informational kiosks with rotating displays about the trails, plant life, and wildlife in the park, as well as the history of the surrounding areas and a documentation of our restoration work.  We have a total of 7 panels that we rotate approximately two times a year.

Since the beginning of our work in the park, Chatsworth Hills Academy School (Rinaldi and Canoga Avenue) students, teachers and parents have spent countless hours of volunteer work, weeding, clearing trash, cleaning up graffiti, and planting seeds.  We have a great partnership with the school.

Save Chatsworth has been generously supported by the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council, the City of Los Angeles, and the office of Fifth District Los Angeles County Supervisor, Michael D. Antonovich.

Spring 2011

CHA Student Volunteer Days

Informational Kiosks

Water Trailer and Tree Planting

Dr. Jeffery Burkhart, herpatologist, lecturing to CHA students

Madena Asbell, native plant consultant,  Theodore Payne Nursery

Initial Brush Clearance and Trash Removal

Restoration Project Pictorial History - 2005 to Present


On December 11, 2006, Save Chatsworth, Inc. hosted the official dedication for Chatsworth Trails Park.  As well as our honorary guest, Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, who presented scrolls commending various community organizations, schools and individuals for their service, in attendance were State Assembly Member Lloyd Levine, Paul Edelman and Rorie Skei from the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority, Millie Jones from the County Supervisor’s office, Virginia Watson, founder of the Chatsworth Historical Society and curator of the Chatsworth Museum, Betty Sommers, curator of the Homestead Acre Grounds and Hill-Palmer Cottage, Hans Giraud, Presidio Chatsworth, LLC, Linda Johnson from State Senator George Runner’s office, John Bwarie from Los Angeles City Councilman Greig Smith’s office, and Michael Espinosa and Rosa Benavides from the City of Los Angeles Board of Public Works, Office of Community Beautification.